promoting children & young people's public health

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Promoting children & young people's public health.

Sharon White has worked for 35 years in the nursing profession as a qualified Nurse, Midwife and Specialist Community Public Health Nurse (School Nurse).

She has had the pleasure of spending much of her career working to improve the health outcomes of children, young people and their families. Her passion and focus has, for much of this, been on the most vulnerable and marginalised children in society and in driving forward the public health profession to deliver the best possible services to them. As much of this has necessitated multi-agency working, this has also included colleagues in social care, education,  primary care, voluntary sector and others.


As part of Sharon White Consultancy, Sharon offers a range of services within a framework that strives to achieve Quality, Innovation, Productivity and Prevention, thus recognising essential cost efficiencies whilst balancing the need to deliver excellent quality services.

Services available via Sharon White Consultancy:

OFSTED, Care Quality Commission (CQC) and Youth Justice Board expertise

Policy interpretation and implementation

Health needs assessments

Service reviews



Project lead/management

Conference design/presenter

Policy reviews/development

Resource development/expertise

Publications, articles, advertorials

Foster panel heath representative

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