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OFSTED, Care quality commission and Youth Justice Board expertise

Sharon has over a decade of experience in OFSTED, CQC and YJB health inspections. This has resulted in consistently positive results, showing improvement year on year in service quality, provision innovations and improved outcomes for looked after children; Expertise includes :

Health leadership for Looked After Children, Young People and Care Leavers including those in Secure settings

Interpretation and implementation of of revised inspection frameworks

Inspector communication




Action plan development

Implementing outcomes


Advice and support

Health needs assessments

Sharon has direct experience in statutory health needs assessments of Looked After Children on an individual and service-wide basis with demonstrative evidence to show increase in quality and efficiency and thus, health outcomes. She has also influenced and driven relevant national policy and guidance; This includes:

Health leadership for statutory Health Needs Assessments for Looked After Children,
   Young People and Care Leavers

Health leadership for secure settings Comprehensive Health Assessment Tool (CHAT)

Policy and guidance interpretation and implementation

Service design

Service review






Individual LAC health needs assessments


Foster panel health advisor

Sharon has over a decade of experience as nurse advisor to a number of local authority

and independent foster agency panels. Responsibilities include:

Health advice, expertise, signpost and referral to panel, agency and carers

Approval of foster carers

Review of foster care

Investigation of allegations

Service reviews
Sharon has conducted a number of residential school health service reviews resulting in implementation of report recommendations and improved quality service provision; Experience in:

Service scoping

Stakeholder interviews including children/young people

Risk analysis


Action plan







Sharon has over 30 years of experience in designing, delivering and developing training for the health, social care, education and voluntary sector; Including:

For ‘carers’ of Looked After Children, including social workers, key workers, residential home workers, foster carers, family network carers etc.:


Promoting the health of looked after children. Understanding why the health needs of this group are so comparatively poor and what role we have to play in improving them

The specific health needs of looked after children for BME groups. Understanding the additional impact of race, culture and religion on the health needs of Looked after children and what role we have to play in ensuring these are met

The sexual health needs of Looked After Children. Understanding the sexual health needs of Looked after children including the risks of child sexual exploitation, blood borne virus and what role we have to play in promotion, prevention and protection

The mental health and well-being of Looked After Children. Understanding what ‘mental health’ is, why it is so comparatively poor in Looked after children and what role we have to play in promoting , preventing, identifying and supporting

Chronic disease in children including asthma, diabetes, epilepsy, eczema etc. and the role of carers in  prevention, protection and care

Childhood development and milestones; understanding why Looked after children have poorer outcomes and the role of the carer in helping the child to achieve their potential

Promoting healthy lifestyles; exercise, sleep, diet and play. The role of carers and their families

Medication; the management and safety of medication for looked after children. Understanding  and working to policy in order to deliver safe care and improved health

Project lead/management
Throughout her career, Sharon has had direct responsibility for numerous Projects ranging from school based to cross-governmental initiatives involving teams and groups of other multi-agency/professional colleagues, offering:

Project design







Sharon is a highly respected conference presenter and has presented at local, national and international levels on a range of relevant subject matter. Audiences have included members from the Health, Education, Social Care and Voluntary sectors. She is a competent Facilitator and Chair. Sharon is also involved in the planning of conference programmes and in identifying quality presenters and expertise.

Examples of conferences she has been involved with are listed below:

National Centre for Excellence in Residential Childcare, England 2005/2006

School and Public Health Nurses Association (SAPHNA) 2006-Present

Champions for Children in Care, London 2007

Primary Care, Birmingham 2008/2010

School Nurse International, New Jersey 2009/Hong Kong 2011

Council of British International Schools (COBIS), Murcia 2012

Policy reviews/development
Sharon has experience of developing, shaping and leading reviews on numerous local policies at both local (school, secure unit, foster care etc.) and service-wide level (Children’s Community Health, Children’s local authority etc.); Examples include:

Sexual health


Mental health

Suicide strategy

Child sexual exploitation strategy

Safeguarding children

Substance misuse

She has, and continues to be involved in the consultation of national policy, EG: Promoting the health and well-being of looked after children (2009) and numerous child related NICE guidelines. Additionally she has, and continues to be involved in influencing, shaping and writing national and international policy.

Examples of this work:

National Children’s Bureau (NCB), 2007, National Healthy Care Standard

Department of Education Managing Medicines in Schools, 2006, and 2013 review

Department of Health School Nurse development programme 2012

Department of Health Flu Immunisation programme for children 2013

Resource development
Sharon has been involved in the development of a range of resources from service leaflets, posters, whole campaigns and training packages; She offers:

Expert knowledge and guidance

Concept and content

Critical review

Development oversight



• Testing/sampling


Review and updates

For examples of some of the resources Sharon has developed please refer to the
Resources page, and also the website for the School and Public Health Nurses Association (SAPHNA).


Sharon has written a number of publications including books, training packages and professional journal and press articles; Her services in this area include:


Expert knowledge

Concept and content development



Journal articles

Press articles


Training resources


Press comment


For examples of some of the publications written by Sharon, please refer to the Resources page.

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