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The following testimonials offer a flavour of the satisfaction clients have found in Sharon’s professional services and, therefore, give assurance as to the quality of work you can expect to receive.

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During February 2012, Sharon White was employed as a consultant by St. Mary's Wrestwood Children's Trust to carry out a comprehensive review of the Trust's Nursing and Medical provision.

Sharon carried out the review over four days, working flexible hours to ensure she was able to observe all key tasks carried out over a twenty four hour period. Her methods included observations of practice, a review of policies and procedures and interviews with key stakeholders.

The report which Sharon subsequently produced accurately described the service and made a series of practical recommendations for action and improvement. The report was delivered within an agreed timeframe and its clear and professional presentation enabled us to compile an action plan for change which Sharon was happy to comment on afterwards.

Sharon's approach to the task was sensitive and pragmatic. Her practical experience gave her credibility with the practitioners and her extensive knowledge of alternative methods and initiatives in the field allowed her to make simple and innovative suggestions for change.

I would recommend Sharon White for a consultancy role in any organisation and I am happy to be contacted with regard to this testimonial.

Simon Rogers
Head of Residential Services, St. Mary's Wrestwood Children's Trust, July 2012

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We had a Safeguarding incident last week in relation to a member of staff (all sorted)  I just wanted to say how brilliant Sharon was in sorting the situation out, giving advice, standing her ground when HR were questioning her advice.  She’s great and it would be good if you could tell her so.

Executive Director of Operations, Community Healthcare Trust, Jan 2013

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Whilst, as you say, no one is indispensable you must come pretty close - you embody the heart and soul and knowledge of the Looked after children… You have invested and achieved so much. You are a passionate leader and inspire all who work with you. I wish you heartfelt best wishes as you continue with this and other essential work.

 Children’s Commissioner, Leeds Community Healthcare Trust, March 2013

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I wanted to just also say the positive impact you have had on Looked after Children in Leeds is very evident and I think the work you have done in Leeds will leave it in a very strong position. Best of luck in all your future endeavours.

 Head of Looked After Children’s Services Local authority, March 2013

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Sharon has provided various training sessions for the organisation I worked with from January 2011.  The sessions were always well received with attendees giving positive feedback with regard to content and presentation.  Sharon is a conscientious trainer who is always well prepared and has a depth of knowledge to answer the wide range of queries which training courses inevitably generate. Sharon’s background in School and Looked After Children’s nursing gives her great credibility and in terms of working with childcare professionals she is the ‘ideal’ person to deliver training on child health issues.

Wendy Sanderson, DipSW, DipMCS
Former Training Co-ordinator for an Independent Fostering Agency, March 2013

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Sharon White has supported our team for almost 6 years in her capacity of Looked After Children designated nurse in Leeds, and previously as our Health Advisor.  She has a wealth of knowledge about the holistic needs of looked after children, in particular her professional and specialist knowledge of their health needs.  She has extensive knowledge of both local and national resources for looked after children, which we have utilised here at SWIIS.

Sharon is very approachable, reliable and engaging, she has an excellent sense of humour, which enhances her abilities to motivate, enable and inform both professional staff and SWIIS Foster Carers. We see Sharon as a valuable resource and asset to our service, and enjoy her contributions to our development, here at the SWIIS Foster Care Leeds office.

 Sue Williams, Regional Operations Manager, SWIIS Foster Care Leeds, March 2013

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Sharon brings a life time of learning and experience to all she does. Best practice she knows well and how to communicate it to whatever audience. Resilient, resourceful, child-centred, situational as necessary she will get alongside and encourage through coaching and mentoring, transformational in aspiration, and with a great sense of humour.

Partnership Working:

A true expert in an age when that word is overused Sharon is a role model of the importance of contributing to the fullest degree possible on your expert area yet appreciating the whole has to be more than the sum of the parts.

Producing results for any commission:

Sharon makes achieving easy. It is one thing to possess considerable knowledge and expertise and yet another to be able to draw on it and make it available in ways that make sense to people with systematic, goal directed, learning oriented, easy to follow, next steps on the road to successful implementation to the highest levels of what we know works. With Sharon expect to be able to tell another and do it again yourself.

Sharon is the epitome of the overused phrase one stop shop


Jonathan Stanley
NCERCC (National Centre for Excellence in Residential Child Care), March 2013

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Recently Sharon delivered training to my foster carers in respect to ‘Health and Looked After Children’ and the feedback from the session was extremely positive.  Sharon is very friendly and approachable as well as being professional and knowledgeable.  I have already booked her in to deliver further training given the response!  Sharon has also been available for telephone consultation and her advice has been invaluable.  I certainly will make use of her services in the future.

 Michelle Monteiro, Branch Manager, Orange Grove Foster Care Leeds, March 2013

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